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Re: the plan part 2

Posted by: JLB (oz2009@verizon.net) on Mon Oct 13 06:39:59 2008


Your program has definately caught my attention, and I am most impressed with the way you stress working on pitch locations. I have two questions: 1) In actual game, what would you tell batter as far as anticipating pitch--less than two strikes, no one on base--do you have them look outside half and react in and/or look low and react high? It seems to me, you can only do one but have not tried both so maybe it can be done as they also have to be looking for fastball then react to breaking ball. 2) When working on heavy bag have you tried over/under load? Is there any risk of injury to lead elbow or shoulder with too much bag work. Maybe my son should learn more to relax at contact but he still tries to drive through the bag which becomes problematic for several reasons. Also, does the bat speed radar work when using a heavy bag?
Again, thanks for your work in developing this program.



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