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Re: Observation 1: for Jack

Posted by: grc () on Mon Apr 2 20:30:22 2001

Dear Jack,
> Since you have made claims that Barry Bonds has exceptional rotational mechanics, I have watched his swing in frame-by-frame. In summary, I agree with you.
> However, even though he is using both legs to rotate around a stationary axis, it seems that he generates the turn by using the ball of the back foot. I'm not saying he "SQUISHES THE BUG," which involves a slow, deliberate turn on the ball of the back foot; all I'm trying to suggest is that he uses the following formula--as pointed out by one instructor I was taught by--in a swing: "SLOW STEP [with the front foot, making sure little weight is shifted, so he can time the pitch, and come to full balance], and FAST TURN [on the ball of his back foot]. I do not think Barry Bonds consciously straightens the front leg.
> Do you agree with my observation? Because I think it is fairly accurate.
> Sincerely,
> Knight1285@aol.com
> BHL.....one observation i have made of bonds is that as soon as his front toe lands his back heel is already off the ground....he comes off the back heel quicker than most major leaguers ...the point is this: there is a school of thought (e.g., blastsystem.com) that teaches an active "pushing off" of the back foot (not to be confused with squashing the bug, which if one is not careful can actually degenerate into simply spinning on the back foot)....i wonder if there is a connection?....also, i vaguely remember a discussion at setpro regarding griffey's "kickback"....i think that may also be related to what you are referring to...respectfully, grc....


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