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Re: strike zone recognition

Posted by: The Hitting Guru (hitman3527@aol.com) on Sun Jan 29 17:55:46 2006

> What are some ways to improve strike zone recognition besides not swinging at bad pitches during batting practice?
> At 6'3 185 I have been told by my coach that I have above average bat speed and power..but my problem is I dont work the counts well so I end up swinging at bad pitches and not get the one I can hit hard..
> please help

The key to working the counts is to have a good idea of what pitches you can handle best and what are the pitcher's strengths. If you can hit a good fastball, meaning if you look fastball, get a fastball and you put a good swing on it and connect solidly for the most part, you should be able to work counts.

The best hitters counts are probably 2-0 and 3-1 or perhaps even 0-0 if you know the pitcher's fastball speed. The key for you will be laying off the pitcher's pitch (meaning the pitchers out pitches (probably the up and in fastball or slow stuff of the corners or low.)

This comes with practice from seeing a couple of pitches in each at bat or at least your first time up. As Ted Williams mentioned the key is your first time up. If possible it is good to see several pitches to see what the pitcher has as well as what he can get over the plate. If the pitcher can't get the breaking stuff over, DON'T swing at any breaking pitches. Zone in on the fastball. If a pitcher is over powering, make him get the ball down unless you are a high ball hitter. This is basic info, but when done correctly makes a difference. Barry Bonds is and has been a great hitter. But he is not great because he hits bad pitches. He almost never swings at pitches he cannot handle. But like most hitters, if he has to swing at the pitcher's pitch, he makes outs just like the rest of us.


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