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Re: Re: Question for Jack- Babe Ruth

Posted by: The Hitting Guru (hitman3527@aol.com) on Mon Jan 30 21:52:12 2006

> > Jack. Let us assume that Babe Ruth was the first man to use rotational mechanics with extreme success. Let us also assume that the Babe actually hit a baseball over 500ft numerous times using rotational methods. If these assumptions are true, why do not more hitters simply copy and study his entire technique. Of all the major league hitters I have seen on tv and in person, I have seen none that copy the Babe's technique. Why in your opinion do you think this is so? Or have you seen any that copy the Babe's technique? Why is there no accepted standard of how to hit a baseball as there is in golf?
> I think there are some accepted standards. When I look at clips I see these standards all the time. Hitters are more similar then you think. While there are some styles to the swing, they are still doing the same thing.

Shawn. Thanks for your post, but I just do not see the uniform acceptance of a standard of how to hit. Similar is not close enough in my book. There is a dramatic difference in how Sammy Sosa hits, compared to Barry Bonds. Sammy Sosa does not use the top hand torc from what I have seen. He would be more similar to Albert Bell without the wrist roll.


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