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Re: Re: kinear hitting

Posted by: grc () on Tue Apr 3 20:20:32 2001

Can you please tell me who is a linear hitter?
> > I would like to know of some professional linear hitters for my project i have to do
> Kahfd -
> It is not easy to find pure linear hitters in MLB. You can see plenty of them at Fast Pitch Girl's softball tournaments. At the MLB level, you see lots of mixed mechanics and minor flaws. I suspect that without some rotational elements, a player simply can't rise high enough to compete at that level. You will see some players cut off their hip-turn early and release their top hand. If their hands push forward toward contact, you are seeing linear elements of a swing.
> Mark Johnson of the Mets (at least last year) is like that. But the difference is subtle.
> If you can borrow some fastpitch hitting instructional videos, you may find one that really teaches linear mechanics. That would give you a much better comparison.>

i would say tony gwynn is a linear hitter....respectfully, grc...


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