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Re: torque

Posted by: dougdinger () on Thu Feb 9 11:14:15 2006

> I know this site has alot about torque, but im not really understanding the whole concept. I thought torque could only be applied with your hands with the pulling of the bottom hand and the pushing of the top hand. How else can torque be applied to your swing and how important is it?
In thr rotational swing, torque is a twisting circular motion applied through the hands in an already circular swing. The twisting movment of the upper body generats plenty of batspeed, torque is then added to increase the batspeed. You might be thinking of pushing the hands straight forward and then 'snapping' the bat around at the last minute. This only uses the arms power, where as torque added to upper body rotation caused by the large muscles in the torso and legs generates alot more power compared to a wrist snap. Torque has to be applied to the body's rotation to be effective. This is done by pulling the bathead back in an arc toward the catcher while at the same time pulling the bathead around toward the pitcher with the bottom. It's a bit of a tricky move to do and needs alot of practice. Hope this helps.


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