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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: rotational mechanics applied to fastpitch softball

Posted by: Wayne B. (wblazek@comcast.net) on Fri Feb 10 19:48:40 2006

You have expressed clearly what hitting in the game of softball is about. I have played BB, FP SB, and I have a daughter playing SB and a son in BB. I never changed my swing when I transitioned from BB to SB and was very suceessful. It is nice to hear from some one who understands what's happening in today's game. My daughter just played in an 18u tourney in St. George UT. I saw only a few rise balls thrown to our team and the opposing catchers set up a majority of the time low and out calling curves and drops.The trouble I face consistently is trying to explain rotational hitting to my kids coaches. Some are self proclaimed hitting gurus but don't even know the difference in the terminology of linear and rotational. I wish more coaches and others in my area (I live in Colorado) were more informed on these concepts. Great observations. And Rich, my personal choice is the Easton synergy with a huge sweet spot and great sound (my daughter's choice) or the the more end loaded Anderson Rocket Tech which many big swingers use.


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