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Re: Re: Re: Hitting Session

Posted by: rql () on Sat Oct 25 14:28:22 2008

> I do understand the concept of overload and underload and yes I can get my hands on 3 heavy bags. What do you have in mind?

..1st get the guys loosened up have 3 bag stations the 1st 2 are set up for swing training and over under training the 3rd maybe raise off the ground if need be sit on a 5 gal bucket ,the goal here is to put t stripes or tape on it.1 for a thigh high swing and 1 for a letter high swing.have them take 3 swings low then 3 high,you must teach them how to adjust the tilt for the high vs low pitch,then alternate every other pitch til they are comfortable then have other hitter in that group say high or low as the hitter begins stride and load.They should plan low and adjust high.You may have guys that are just better high ball hitters and they learn how to stay more upright and look for those pitches at the plate.
2 tee drill 1 tee on outside corner and back so ball sits where back corner of plate where it angles back to back of plate is [ball right above that point and just above knee high].2nd tee is on inside corner or just in over plate a couple inches and a little in front of plate for contact point and about belt high.If you adlust the heigths right the swing should seldom hit both balls.Now take swings on os ball 1st til comfortable driving it to near center field or just a little to oppo side no linear push here try to hit back of ball or just inside it with rotation,now work inside thinking away then drawing hands in as you rotate trying to pull the ball and keep it fair,now the interactive part.asthe hitter loads with balls on both tees the hitter prepares to hit away and partner calls in or out,with good timing on the call a smooth swing can be made and the hitter practices making adjustments on the fly like a game.This engrains the contact points that they mentally need to be aware of in a game to image.They must learn to hit the ball fair and hard.
soft toss cage make it front toss with screen for pitcher.Work inside and outside locations look for weaknesses in your hitters ability,take 3 swings away 3 in then have pitcher not tell him where he will toss once they are good hitting each knowing where it is coming.You can work up and down here also same idea looking for guys who cannot adjust up,mix in some days where they only swing at low and let the higher 1 go even on borderline strike,use this as a situation drill station also so they get a pitch to do what sit you call for[refer to mental game thread about sit. hitting.
The machine I would use as a bunt station,it is more important in the hs game.then sit hit off it at a lower accurate speed,adjust closer or away from plate to accomplish task at hand.another day juice up the machine fast then faster with red or green stripe painted on skinny part of seam on 1 side so they cant see it as you put it in machine,no swinging here they load and say yes for green no for red,if machine gets wild at hi speeds just set 1 speed and have them ease closer to machine as they do well at further distance.You can also have them think belly down and say yes to any pitch belly down and no for up with speed on it.Chart your players performance with other players in group doing the tallying for you.@nd day of week make it curves and let them learn to hit it learn to swing at hangers and lay off the good low ones.
Finish with good over under swing training on the 1st 2 bags5 bats 10 swings each bat ,start with game bat add 3 oz then add 3 more,then back down then back to game bat then -3 then -6 and back up finish with game bat and perfect mechanics,they can adjust contact points during this to engrain them.
So 15 kids station 1 high low bag station 2 and 3 in out tee drills 4 straight toss cage drills 5 machine drills colored balls ,bunting,curves,mix it up on different days
finish with swing training going on and use all 3 bags if you have enough bats keep the kids fresh not to many swings before switching off ,fatigue messes up swing all swings 100%.
Good luck


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