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Re: Re: Re: Weight Shift and Balance Before Lower Body Rotation

Posted by: coach josh (february203@hotmail.com) on Thu Feb 16 10:46:51 2006

i just wanted to say that it look like that batter in the upper left hand corner of your page is tranfering his weight to a bend front knee and is just about to slam on the breaks with that front knee and then rotate on the center axis. U really see this in big leaguers on pitches hit the other way or pitches there fooled on.u will see a weight shift forward while keeping hads back and then throught the ball. And this is why most hitter dont feel THT if u get into a hitting position with hands in a launching position and wieght slightly back now without striding and keeping your hands back shift your weight slowly forward and your hands will rotate up and the front shoulder will natually rotate in to get the front shoulder shrug and extra coil u will need for a good swing. i think your right on with the rotation upper body and the swing path to the ball but u have to have proper weight shift and extention for a great swing


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