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Re: Re: Derek Jeter - Major flaw

Posted by: The Hitting Guru (hitman3527@aol.com) on Thu Feb 16 20:51:16 2006

> > Derek is a great hitter but his mechanics, I believe, are slightly off. Similar to Jackie Robinsion (if any of you have seen Jackie hit), Jeter momentarily leaves his bat almost perpendicular to the ground (knob facing the pitcher) rather than bring his bat into the swing plane in one smooth motion.
> >
> > Is this a problem that you believe would make Jeter a better hitter if fixed?

Maybe and maybe not. We must remember that Jeter is an inside out hitter for the most part. And though he has power (having reached Yankee Stadium's black centerfield seats which few players have done) his opposite field stroke and bringing his hands in to hit probably causes the flaw you speak of. But, I just think he prefers to hit that way (as everyone cannot hit like Manny Ramirez). And I believe Robin Yount hit the same way.


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