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Re: Re: Hitting regression

Posted by: Alan (AlanM@bigpond.com) on Sat Feb 18 20:20:34 2006

> > Hi, My 12 year old daughter has been bombarded by several different coaches trying to "correct" her swing. She has always been a decent hitter despite her small size but has developed the habit of stepping towards third. The rest of her mechanics seem fine. Any suggestions on how she can adjust her stride and keep it forward and not back. Thanks
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> Stepping out is a problem. One of a way to stop this is by just wide stance and no stride. Just pick up the lead foot and sit it dwn. Oh, and work it off the tee and cage. That has to be something done all the time so the body will pick it up

Find out the reason for stepping away from the pitch. Sometimes fear of bieng hit but most often its the inability to rotate into the pitch, especially inside pitches. They want to give themselves room to hit. I agree with Mike that no stride is an option but it doesn't suit all hitters.

Good luck


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