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Re: Re: Re: Re: Lag Position

Posted by: Shawn (mariner0324@yahoo.com) on Sun Feb 19 17:54:43 2006

> >>> Hi Jack,
> The problem I see with THT is wrist may uncock to soon. I'm still looking at this and how it affects the swing. I have game footage and HR derby swings with shots from the rear and side view of the same swings.
> Right now it would appear that the top hand 'follows' the bottom hand. I'm looking at how much the bat is accelerated length wise (down the barrel) in the swing. To attain the lag position the top hand cannot uncock to early.
> I'll get back to you on what I see happening. <<<
> Hi Shawn
> You state, “The problem I see with THT is wrist may uncock to soon.” – While THT is being applied there should be no cocking or un-cocking of the top-wrist. As the forearm is pulling rearward, and the elbow lowers, the wrist remains straight. It is the rotation of the forearm (internal if you wish) and thus the wrist (not wrist un-cocking) that allows the bat to rotate from its launch position to the lag position.
> The pulling back of the forearm as the elbow lowers, results in the forearm becoming almost vertical and it is rotating (internally) to allow the bat to rotate – but the wrist remains straight. The cocking, or adduction, of the top-wrist occurs as the forearm further rotates and lowers toward horizontal – well after applying THT. The wrist un-cocks as the bat approaches contact.
> Shawn, when THT is properly applied, the forearm becomes more vertical allowing the top-wrist to rotate in the plane of the swing. Serious wrist bind occurs when a batter accelerates the bat to vertically down through the plane and forces the wrist to bend (or cock) as it attempts to rotate.
> Jack Mankin

Hi Jack,

Lets explore the top hand not turning. You say the wrist should remain straight while applying THT. I would bet good money that 9 of 10 people would turn the wrist while applying THT. So lets explore this further.

I'm still looking at clips. The top hand seems to remain cocked through a good portion of the swing. It does turn to some degree, but the top hand remains following the bottom hand so it doesn't release to soon. I'm sure we can find some swings were the top hand just turns, there's a clip on one of Yeagers DVD where this is happening. I'm sure that the closer you hit to the power L position the more the top hand just turns.

I think it's best to think of the oar lock and bottom hand torque. I think the wrist would remain straighter with BHT. In fact it might just be that what we see as THT is nothing more then BHT being applied and the wrist top hand wrist rotating as the elbow goes into it's vertical position.

I'm still looking at some swings. I would like to discuss the THT.


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