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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: RE: The Bat's Pivot Point

Posted by: RQL () on Tue Apr 10 18:44:58 2001

Jack et al-
> What do you think of the physics principle discussed in Max's reply to Jack from long ago in "Best of Max #1" ?
> http://setpro.com/NEWWEB/best%20of%20max00.htm
> It makes sense that the thing that demands energy from the torso is torquing the center of mass of the bat out of the arc of the handpath.The best time to do this is when the torso is at maximum energy(roughly equivalent to maximum angular velocity).The most efficient transfer would be by extending the center of mass quickly once it leaves the arc of the hand path(it has to be on plane by this time, too).Strong arms and forearms would seem important in assisting this torquing between the hands.
> The hooking handpath allows the hips to turn the torso more before the demand for transfer is made which keeps the bathead in longer and the ball in fair territory plus lots of batspeed.The middle away pitch starts energy transfer sooner,but with a wider radius and tophand torque assisting in faster extension of the center of mass once it leaves the arcof the handpath. M.D. the split grip seems to mess with the leverage of hitting off the end of the bat like choking up but worse.The grip when I tried it always seemed like the hands were doing 2 different things/pull/push,but separated instead of smooth acceleration through the swing.Tom,I don't follow exactly what your saying could you rephrase the thought for myself if possible.rql


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