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Re: Re: Heavy Bags

Posted by: rql () on Wed Oct 29 09:00:05 2008

> > When I have my players use the heavy bags where do I have them stand relative to the bag? Would they stand as if it were a tee?
> They should stand where they would if they were hitting off a tee.
> Personally I don't see the practical use of using a heavy bag except as an indirect measuring tool for batspeed. Merely hitting the bag over and over again isn't going to improve batspeed.

Actually you can improve batspeed with it by using over /under swing training to enhance body strength and quickness using the exact muscles that are used to take a swing,however the bag in my opinion is not best for just batspeed improvement it is for learning and grooving your mechanics with no other room for balls and cages needed.See you can get a visual of body positioning as a hitter and a coach at the point of contact to help hitters adjust the swing to get body in proper position for a given pitch,and then help them reproduce that swing into muscle memory.


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