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Re: Improving batspeed...

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Wed Apr 11 00:39:17 2001

>>> Hey guys, I am 30 years old, 6' 225 lbs. Play competitive A/A major softball. I am constantly trying to improve batspeed, trying a number of different approaches. I am currently using the chute trainer, along with a 5 on 2 off workout program. I love to hit and do so everyday, weather permitting. Sometimes, I cannot get someone to hit with me and so I will have to hit off a tee. I try to hit at least 100 balls a day, either live or off a tee. I am defintely more consistant off the tee, and now start to believe that I can hit it as far off the tee as well. Do you feel that the tee work is truly beneficial? Is it primarily swinging that will increase bat speed? I am trying to work on the things that this site recommends, but, honestly, some of it is very difficult to comprehend. Axis, rotation and the like is like chinese algebra! Apart from the mechanics issue, what are some of the major factors influencing batspeed? Strength? Hand, forearm strength? Thanks in advance. <<<

Hi Brian

Brian, I do not wish to discourage your efforts but as I have pointed out before: --- All the hopes and dreams and hours upon hour of hard devoted practice will not make you a great hitter if you are practicing with inefficient swing mechanics. Granted, learning and understanding the principles of a good swing is tough, but it is also well worth the effort.

Jack Mankin


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