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Re: Re: A lot of choppers

Posted by: George (dragonet@home.com) on Wed Apr 18 14:27:40 2001

> >
> > I have been hitting a lot of toppers since i began leading with my back leg and getting into a good L position with my back arm. Do you have any idea what could be causing something like this?
> Ted Williamz sayz, if U swing a little early, U hit tha top uv tha ball

My son has the same problem. We've been practicing hitting line drives but most of his hits are grounders, some line drives, many low to the ground. I've started to asked him to try hitting fly balls. That was not so easy at first but soon he was hitting mostly line drives and some fly balls. "Hmmm",he said " I guess the only thing that really changed was in my thinking". Well maybe I thought. I then asked him to finish his swing 'high', let go of the back hand if he needed to. More line drives. So now he's hitting line drives consistantly at practices but still needs to bring this skill to the game.
When swinging with his weight back it was a little difficult to finish high but then I referred to a Charlie Lau book and learned that you should hit off the front foot. I tried it and sure enough, it's alot easier to finish high that way. But there seems to be a loss of power to the swing that way. Hmmmm - now what?


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