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Re: Re: Mark McGwire using both (Charley Lau Mechanics and Rotational??what do you think??

Posted by: () on Fri Apr 20 10:19:18 2001

What I have seen Mark McGwire use some of Charley Lauboth Rotational, Some Examples of Big Mac using Mr. Lau Mechanics is that he using his method of using One hand extension and the top hand release.. and for Rotational using oppsite Torque and cirular hand path rotation around a axis??? what do you think
> Alfred -
> Just because McGuire lets go of the bat with his top hand does not make him a Lau desciple, dispite Charley Lau Jr's desire to claim credit for every hitter that does so. There is a primary reason why hitters let go with the top hand - their hip and then shoulder rotation has decelerated and they are still extending toward the ball. This can happen because the hip turn is intentionally cut off early - linear hitting, or because rotation begins to take the bat away from the outside ball before contact.

> One is a rotational reason, one a linear.
> You have to look deeper than just the symptom at the endchain of events.

Tony LaRussa is ahuge Lau desciple, and McGwire himself credits Lau Jr.


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