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Re: Re: Ideal Bat Weight for 13 year old

Posted by: John W. () on Mon Nov 10 09:56:34 2008

Thanks Graylon

Do you have a bat you recommend? He has been using the Rawlings Plasma bat and we have had problems with that bat denting too easy. The first one we had lasted an entire baseball season but the most recent one I got him dented the frist weekend he used it. I think I am ready to move away from the Plasma...I appreciate you help. I was looking at the Easton Stealth -5 bat that is new for 2009...anyone have experience with that bat?


> > I am trying to decide what size bat to get my son for next season...he will be playing 13 year old Major travel. As a 12 year old he swung a 31" 23 oz. liquid plasma. Now that he will be 13 he can still use a minus 8 drop bat but I was debating whether I should move him up to a minus 5 since he will be required to swing that heavy of a bat when he is 14. My son is about 5'6" and 135 pounds so he is a pretty good size 13 year old. Any recommendation...should I go with the lightest bat he is able to use or should I move him up to the heavier bat?
> >
> > Thanks for your help.
> >
> > John W.
> I would move him to a minus 5. I would also get him a wood bat to use for BP.
> Graylon


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