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Re: snapping your wrists

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Mon Feb 27 15:59:34 2006

>>> Lately, I have been trying something new with my wrists to try and get the torque (push/pull). Instead of thinking of pushing and pulling, I think of trying to snap my wrists more so that it makes my top hand push and my bottom hand pull. Do you think this could work? I have definitely seen a change in the way I am hitting. <<<

Hi Mike

By thinking of snapping your wrist you may actually be increasing the push/pull of the forearms. However, the muscles that work the wrist are comparatively small and are overwhelmed by the larger muscles that drive (or pull) the forearms.

A simple test might illustrate the difference between “wrist snap” and “push/pull” of the forearms.

Get a bat and take your normal grip.

Sit down and place your elbows on a table.

Keeping both elbows down on the table to eliminate “push/pull”, note bat action from “wrist snap”.

Now, raise your elbows off the table and note bat action from “push/pull”.

Also note that the tighter you grip the bat’ "Strong Hands”, the less bat action you can attain.

Jack Mankin


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