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Re: linear and rotational

Posted by: JohnD (JohnD@Dresslar.com) on Tue Mar 7 00:42:27 2006

> This is a simple queston that I keep posting but no one seems to answer. Well, atleast I tihnk it is simple for someone to explain if they understand the whole linear and rotational concept. So could someone PLEASE explain to me what makes a swing linear and what makes a swing rotational? I still dont understand the whole tihng. And for rotational, could you explain more than just CHP and torque. Thanks!
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Well, Yanks, why do you want to know? Is this intellectual curiosity, or are you a coach, or adult player, or what?

Given that 95% of all current major league players, and most good hitters above the level of Little League, are predominantly "rotational" by most definitions, why even worry about what is rotational or linear. Just learn the right "rotational" techniques, which are basically the right techniques, period.

The important thing is that an efficient swing is one which makes use of as much of what the body can deliver as possible, using efficient biomechanical movements. So, (1) start with a good pelvic load (clench those inner thigh muscles), (2) load up your upper body (and there's a big debate about that -- whether by counter-rotating your upper body (Epstein), hiding the hands (Mankin), and/or "scapula loading" (various folks), and (3) at the appropriate time rotate into a firm front leg while keeping your hands back at ("connected to") the rear shoulder, releasing your hands late in the game. The power primarily comes from the rotation of your body, not from the movement of your arms.

Oh, there are some other issues about "top hand torque" and maintaining a good tilt to your spine and using "BOTTOM hand" torque at the end of the swing, but you didn't ask to know everything about the good swing. But it's complicated stuff. You aren't going to get a full explanation in a paragraph. You can go get 19 (or whatever) DVD disks from Epstein for $169, and you still won't have it right. Or you can send Jack $39 for his "Final Arc" disk, they'll send it off in about twenty minutes (nice folks here -- they really are!) and it will all become really clear and make instant sense. (Heck, the explanation stuff is only about 30 minutes; you can sit still through that.)

But don't get cranky because people haven't jumped right in to answer your question. It's like posting -- "hey, what is this atomic power stuff and what do I need to know about it?" You're not going to get an answer you can use in a couple of paragraphs.


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