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Re: Re: muscling up then lighten before swing?

Posted by: The Hitting Guru (hitman3527@aol.com) on Wed Mar 8 22:42:43 2006

> lemme redo this message.
> I read somewhere in a book that u are suppose to tighten ur muscles as hard as u can in the pretrigger, then loosen the muscles right before you start your swing, so that you are only using as much muscle as your body needs, thus maximizing your swing speed and coordination. If you agree with this lemme know. Anyways on to a another question, (sorry if this is a little off topic)on the swing mechanics where you state that the person hit the ball nearly 500 feet; how far would it go if it was just thrown up in the air with your hand, instead of being pitched too?
> P.S i read this from a book about the prelaunch

Look up Ted Williams' video "the Science of Hitting" on "baseball's rare films" on the internet. If you do not mind spending about 35 dollars, Ted offers instruction on hitting which illustrates basic hitting principles. I believe he mentions the top hand should be held firm like one would grab a hammer. The bottom hand would be held more relaxed.


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