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Re: Re: Re: Re: Batting practice in season

Posted by: RQL () on Wed Apr 25 19:32:16 2001

We've started practicing outside, have scrimmages and games coming up. Indoor work finished 2 weeks ago.
> > > > Now, everybody's swings are going to hell - from 3 days a week in batting cages to minimal swings at practice.
> > > > How do you give the kids enough BP, live pitching, hitting practice during field practices. Before / after?
> > > > Anybody else in this predicament?
> > >
> > > Your predicament is fairly common. We (HSFP) break the kids up into groups. While a group is working with one Coach on defense the other
> > > has 6-7 kids hitting, we then rotate. You either do ths or look at what your weaknesses are and concentrate on them.
> >
> >
> >
> > major dan,
> >
> > one way to make up for lack of swings in field practices is to make the swings that the players get - QUALITY swings.
> >
> > try this: players rotate from field to batter's box. when a player steps in the box, make the count on him 0 - 2, BEFORE he has seen his first pitch. player remains in the box till he makes an out. every at bat starts with an 0 - 2 count. concentration goes up considerably and the field rotates pretty quickly keeping boredom down and getting in road work.
> > also - coaches don't pitch. worst thing in the world, - coaches pitching. let the players pitch to each other or give one of your starters work if he isn't due in the rotation.
> >
> > ray porco
> p.s. coaches call balls and strikes. ...MD,Hitting is an individual sport you don't become a great hitter batting with a team.If you really want it you will hit before practice or after or both,Sunday's are for hitting and church in that order.Becoming the best means doing things different than all the others.1000 swings a week at least one way or another,bag,tire ,tee,cage ,or live arm.good luck to the dedicated.


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