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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: griffey instructo swing

Posted by: jacko258 () on Fri Nov 21 06:14:53 2008

> Rql,
> when I developed the first Instructo Swing I thought I new a lot about hitting. I played professional baseball and was a lead instructor at a top rated baseball school in Florida. What I learned from hitting instructors at the pro level and the baseball school was incorporated into this device. I even had Ken Griffey Jr as the endorser of this product. Well as the product hit the market I started to find out that some people didn't agree with the swing path angle. The angle I set for this device was in a downward approach turned out to be to steep. This is what was being taught by many of the best hitting Instructors I was around except Ted williams. This turned out to be a problem. I learned that I needed to become a better instructor and become a better student. I started reading and with the use of High speed video to view the swing in slow motion and the help of people like Jack Mankin I became more knowledgable on the subject. I have studied thousands of clips to ave a better understanding. This made me take a look at the product and decide to improve it and get it right. I also had the help of a guy in Cincinnati I consider my good friend Howard Carrier. This guy has the same motivation as I do to help hitters reach their goals. I worked close with Howard and came up with a better product. This is the Instructo Swing 5000. This new version has an adjustible swing path that promotes a visual aid that matches up to the correct swing path. The difference is now you can work on a downward, level, Diagonal or slightly upward swing approach. The old version only developed a downward swing keeping the barrel above the hands. I have been working on some new drills that will be added to the www.instructoswing.com website. This product is a better product and with a combination of other training it can make a difference.
> EL



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