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Re: Mike Huber – Rotational instructor

Posted by: The Hitting Guru (hitman3527@aol.com) on Thu Mar 16 15:58:57 2006

> Hi All
> I have received a good number of e-mails requesting information on batting coaches that teach sound rotational principles in their area. In response, I have asked our webmaster to develop a page where coaches that teach our system can give their name, contact information and a brief statement on their batting philosophy.
> Yesterday, I spent a good portion of an hour with Mike Huber discussing swing mechanics and batting philosophies. Mike is an instructor at the Chicago White Sox Training Center. He informed me that although rotational principles have met much resistance, it is finally taking roots with many coaches at the professional level.
> Mike said that he was highly impressed with the improved power to the opposite field his hitters were displaying with rotational mechanics. This tells me that he must be teaching efficient transfer mechanics that generate bat speed early in the swing. He will be on our list of recommended coaches when the page is brought online. For now, those of you that live in the Chicago area, you can contact him at his website - www.hubiemagic.com
> Below is a testimonial I received from Mike.
> Jack Mankin
> ##
> A testimonial from Mike Huber
> Jack Mankin has really does his homework! Over 90% of pro hitters today are rotational hitters; and I have observed that state and national championship high school and college teams hit with high power and average numbers and swing mostly rotational!!!
> My name is Mike Huber and I work for the Chicago White Sox Training Center as a hitting instructor. The results I have gotten teaching the Ted Williams philosophy on hitting have been overwhelming. I have tried every conceivable philosophy on hitting and the only one that consistently works and satisfies hitters is the rotational pro style swing. It is by far the easiest way to get a hitter to the next level, as I have personally witnessed hitter’s slugging percentage, batting average, and power numbers go up significantly.
> Jack Mankin's puts the truth right out there with his simple, yet detailed description and facts of how and why rotational hitters have a better chance at success in hitting. Any hitter that can tap into Jack Mankin's reality of how to swing a baseball bat will:
> 1. Hit with significantly more power.
> 2. Get the plane of the swing on the same path as the ball coming down from the pitchers mound ( Thus increasing batting average)
> 3. Increase bat-ball collision speed from 5-20 m.p.h easily.
> 4. Become a "money ball hitter"; Giving every hitter a real chance to making it to the next level!
> Thanks Jack for educating so many that has been mislead otherwise!
> Mike Huber
> www.hubiemagic.com

Jack. Which hitter do you believe MOST follows the priciples you teach? Joe Credo or Paul Konerko. If possible, can you explain/expand upon your choice? Thanks.


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