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Re: Re: Details of the Video please answer jack

Posted by: () on Mon Apr 30 13:04:31 2001

> I thought that I would make a brief comment on this point. I recently purchased the video and swing review analysis for my son (Taylor) and finished watching the tape for the second time today. At several different points, the video discusses top and bottom hand torque, so I was a little puzzled by your statement.
> Jack - In the swing review analysis (which was very informative and showed me things I had never seen in my sons swing before) I noticed that you referred to top hand torque as an advanced mechanic. Would you recommend practicing good, tight linkage to remove his wrist roll along with bottom hand torque before trying to add top hand torque to the swing? My son is a fast learner, but I was concerned that too many new things could make it more difficult to learn. Your comments would be appreciated.

hi jack

my question is why wouldnt come out with a tape that deals with drills with a baseball with all due respect for example soft toss and etc.. for rotational mechanics instead of a bag how come?



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