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Re: Re: swing review and video results

Posted by: tm (thomas.e.molina@intel.com) on Tue May 1 11:52:31 2001

TM and others,
> I also posted below about the video, but I thought I would give a little more detail on my thoughts. First, the instructional video is very informative. Even if you decide not to practice and use the material Jack teaches, I think that you will benefit just from having the knowledge of it. It is so new to me (since I recently purchased it) that I have not had time to really practice rotational mechanics, so I don't know how easy or difficult it will be to learn, but it seems to make alot of sense after you view the video.
> Regarding swing review analysis, Jack reviewed my son Taylor's (15 years old) swing. This video was about 45 minutes long and it covered many topics. I got swing review because Taylor hits a large percentage of ground balls and never seemed to get much lift on the ball. What I learned from his swing review is that Taylor has a flaw (as Jack describes it), and I could clearly see it in frame by frame motion and still frame. Jack called it a wrist droop or a wrist roll which causes the bat to dip low and then high (like a wave), which causes Taylor to hit on top of the ball. Jack recommended a different style of grip to prevent binding of the wrists and gave us a new way to initiate the swing. Lastly, the swing review video had a lot of material discussing different flaws and techniques that the instructional video did not have, which I found very informative. But I don't think swing review video would make as much sense w/o the instructional video.
> If I had a criticism to make, it would be that I had to watch both videos twice to really begin to understand the stuff. The video was mostly of Jack instructing, but he did use one baseball and one softball player to help him demonstrate. The first time through the instructional video, I just got an overview, but the second time through I really started to learn, comprehend, and understand the material.
> From the discussions boards, I can see that there are many different opinions on the swing. Even if you may not totally agree with Jack, I think you will gain a new perspective and if your like me you will become more knowledgeable about the swing from the videos - so I would recommend it. Sorry for rambling, but I wanted to express my thoughts for those who are interested. Hope this helps.
> Thanks again Jack,
> Jeff & (son) Taylor
Thanks for the info. guys, your inputs are quite valuable.


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