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Re: Switch Hitting

Posted by: mitch (izanwil@hotmail.com) on Mon Mar 20 17:26:28 2006

> As a senior college SS, I did not begin to switch-hit until I was 22 years old. There are many more factors that go into switch-hitting than many people on this particular forum know, or think they know. Most wouldn't know unless they actually had the capability to switch-hit, or learn to (which is possible). I will not begin to get into them all (the factors), although please email me with any questions you have. Ever notice that most switch-hitters throw right-handed? They are right-hand dominant AND right-eye dominant. Usually, and simply, your dominant "eye" plays a key role in being able to switch-hit. If your are right-hand dominant and right-eye dominant, you probably have a good chance at excelling as a left-handed hitter. Personally, I batted right-handed against all pitchers (suceeding against LHP's) until I realized my dominant eye was not actually facing the pitcher vs. RHP's. It is much easier for a right eye dominant, right-handed hitter to hit a left-handed pitcher. "Experts" talk about how all of the major-league switch-hitters hit better left-handed and are so much better against RHP. Well.. it's not hard to figure out, MOST pitchers are RHP and therefore, the MOST HR's/success is going to come batting left-handed. Also, there is more room for failure batting right-handed, with less at-bats to work with. Plus, all switch-hitters actually do see LHP's less often, naturally increasing the LHP's odds against a switch-hitter batting right-handed.
Im 15 im ont he HS team n we hit bp very often were jv so we get soft toss n we take about 500 swings a day so the other day i decided that this was getting me no where so i decided to pick up switch hitting it feels more natual a week in and i hit live pitching today (not fast jsut BP) i am playing another league to work on facing live pitcher for switch hitting. Is this a good plan? should i do more?


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