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Re: Re: Re: Mike Epstein's Approach

Posted by: F. Oconnor (foconnor@alionscience.com) on Mon Mar 20 21:13:06 2006

> On another post Coach C said that Epstein's teachings approach disaster. In what way? Would that be like saying that Lau Sr. was a disaster because all of his students did not swing the bat like George Brett? Or all of Red Adams pitching students were a disaster because they did not look like Sandy Koufax? Mike has learned a lot about hitting, and much of it from Ted Williams, and now is imparting much of that knowledge learned over the past 40 years to many lucky young men. Mac>>>
> >
> > Where can you get/order the Ted videos??? thanks
> > Besides excessive spine tilt, chicken winging, snapping the wrists and hitting the ball 2 feet in front of the lead foot I think his methods are perfect. Ted Williams never did any of that!!!!!!!!!! That's a fact!!!!! I have 3 videos of Williams instruction from the 60's and 70's......I also was lucky enough to buy Epstein's video's a few years ago and see him speak at conventions many times. There methods are completely different. Buy some old Ted Williams hitting videos and you'll catch my drift. The videos are outstanding with hall-of-famers in slow motion, Rose (not a hall-of-famer yet), Mantle, Bench, Billy Williams, Al Kaline, and more. I most definetly disagree with Epsteins approach. I'm sure he's a great guy none-the-less.
> **************************************************************
> Which Ted Williams hitting video do you recommend and where did you buy it? Thanks
> >


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