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Swing Plain - Fastpitch

Posted by: Carl (crmarentette@sympatico.ca) on Mon Dec 1 19:55:18 2008


Got your DVD and it really helps with tryng to understand your methods. Visual works best.

I only have a few concern or questions.

I coach a Girls fastpitch team, and in fastpitch the ball plain goes up from the release point vice down like in hardball. Should not the Arc of the swing be in a more level plain from lauch to finish vice an upward swing as you dmeonstrate in the video? At contact you mention the lead elbow is up and bat head down below the hands. Doesn't this position at contact, promote an upward swing through the strike zone? Wouldn't the contact zone for the girls be very small in fastpitch with your method? They would have to be almost perfect. Would it not be best to keep the elbow level from start to finish or only slightly raise the elbow at finish to generate less loop in the swing ARC for fastpitch? I'm trying to learn your system and teach it to the team this winter. I find your reasoning and logic to hitting quite interesting. Does everything your saying apply to fastpich or is there some modifications that must be done?




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