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Re: Timing Step do you believe in one Jack

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Thu May 3 14:43:14 2001

>>>Do you believe in a timing step because I find it harder. I find it eady when I just turn the body inward without a timing step but the thing is do I lose power because i see big mac and sosa etc.. and other great hitters not doing it except Jim but he does have power like them do u think the timing step plays a big roll.. <<<

Hi Alfred

A timing movement is very important in developing a smooth rhythmic swing. Hitters who initiate the swing from a static position normally have too much muscle tension and tend to “jerk” into action instead of having loose, smooth ever-accelerating mechanics. There is a vast difference between tense muscles and properly stretched and loaded muscles. A good pre-launch timing movement allows the batter to break the inertia of a static body and limbs and load the muscle groups for the swing. A timing movement that is in rhythm with the pitchers motions will also allow the batter to develop a “trigger” to initiate the swing at the most opportune time.

A soft short-stride in conjunction with an inward-turn would probably be the most beneficial movement to more batters because they are already accustomed to timing their swing with this motion. But I can find no reason why a good rotational movement would not break the inertia of a static body and properly load the muscle groups as well as a linear timing step. Some of today’s better hitters will counter-rotate (back toward the catcher) the lead-knee and leg in lieu of striding forward. --- The quality of a batter’s transfer mechanics will have a greater impact on his/her hitting performance than will the type of timing movement used.

Jack Mankin


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