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Re: linear vs. rotational

Posted by: bob (bob@bobburnett.com) on Wed Mar 29 06:24:48 2006

> First, I am coming in being taught and used Linear Mechanics, but have some questions about Rotational. I was always taught that what looks like a rotational swing is a "long swing" and it does seem like there are a lot of wholes in the swing. The swing also looks like it would produce A LOT of popups if the ball does not go out of the park...any ideas?

Take a look at this Pete Rose clip -


A good rotational swing, you can almost see the unmoving axis from his head, straight through his body, to the ground. Is this what you consider a "long swing"?

From what I've read and seen, the rotational swing would produce more line drives than pop-ups. I don't know what you are referring to by "holes" in the swing, it more than covers the strike zone.

I finally broke down and bought Jack's "Final Arc 2" dvd. It was short money for the info provided. This video is the shortest, most direct route to understanding and applying the rotational method.


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