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Re: Hank Aaron, transfer mechanics

Posted by: Mark (bcf1@mindspring.com) on Tue May 8 16:12:23 2001

Hi Jack,
> Here's something some might enjoy. The HR king pulling the ball and going to right/center. I kinda wish I included a third swing, right field.
> http://www.geocities.com/leebell1970/15.html
> QuickLink
> I believe these two swings to be good swings of Hank early in his career (I have many swings of Hank). Since there has been so much talk about weight shift etc. etc., I think a discussion on transfer mechanics in these two swing would be great.
> I read some very solid information on the swing itself here about a month ago, smoothness, letting rotation bring the bat around, etc. I didn't comment, although it was some great stuff on the upperbody.

Any chance of getting a similar clip of Hank hitting a low inside corner pitch? Also, it would be interesting to see a clip of him hitting a good change up.


> Both swings are in 'real time', no replays, extra frames, synced to contact, the only differences is between turning on one and going the other way. This isn't from release to contact, 11 frames, just after (that's where one started).
> I agree going frame by frame is good for discussion, and I numbered the frames. If you think it needs to be slower, I can adjust to any speed.
> Shawn


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