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PS: Jack

Posted by: Murph (rymurphy@vt.edu) on Wed May 9 02:25:05 2001

I described my theory on weight shift being important... one other reason why...to add that weight shift of the hips into the launching position puts more torque in the back side vs. torque in the front side and more potential energy to go forward and then out vs. just energy to go out.

Thanks again, Murph

Also JAck I wanted to thankyou for the all of the years of tremendous studies. IT has really boost started my power, my hitting zone, and my accuracy. The first day after all of the studies from your site that I have put together I hit some bombs in BP which seemed to vanish from my swing a couple of years ago. I'm sure many other people do as well, and the people that don't may not have the years of experience that I have in order to understand everything or the practice that it requires as well. It is a science to learn and achieve the proper mechanics, and then once achieved the potential is on "auto-pilot" from there. Jack you da man.


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