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Re: Re: Re: R: Gordie Gillespie's Power Hitting Vest

Posted by: Melvin () on Tue Dec 23 10:20:14 2008

Avoid the vest at all costs! It is not how great hitters hit.

1. The vest pins the front arm to the chest. Video show the best hitters have a front arm with an elbow elevated from the chest and parallel to the pitch plane after the front shoulder turns the corner.

2. The vest prevents the hitters from swiveling the back elbow into punching position as the shoulders and hips rotate the hands and arms and bat into contact. Video show that the barrels of great hitters displace at the same rate as the hips and shoulders.

3. The vest promotes a downswing and video shows the best hitters employ a slight upswing.

Any good results obtained with the vest were obtained in spite of the vest. Avoid the vest!


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