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Re: Re: Re: Jack is the Mike Esptein Mechanics the same as yours???

Posted by: () on Wed May 16 08:18:21 2001

Hi Jack
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> > > Is the Mike Esptein Mechanics the same as yours because he talks about rotation around a axis and torque and etc.. In my view i think he use's rotational mechanics because he talks bout Ted Willams being his mentor and everybody no's Ted being a rotational hitter. so basicly is Mike's Mechanics the same as yours?
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> > While Mike Epstein may use similar terms when explaining the mechanics he teaches, they are not the same from appearance. And to be honest I have not seen too many if any persons that have been successful and consistent with the mechanics that he teaches. Have you? I mean, actually seen it "first" hand and not just word of mouth?
> Jack:
> Please explain the differences between your views and Mike's.
> Dan - Texas

Jack's theories are certainly compatible with the mechanics and teaching methods demonstrated by Mike Epstein.This is probably because they both try to understand the video reality of the productive swing as a foundation underlying their system.As an example,look at Epsteins set up still shots on p.2 of his Collegiate Baseball column on "Matching the plane of the pitch".More than others(Lau,Hudgens)his illustration resembles freeze frame action of the actual effective swing.The second of the 2 pictures looks like "top hand torque at initiation"-not something Mike talks about,but a reality he has seen and reproduced because he believes in "teaching what we see".


Mike has a good fundamental understanding of the swing that allows him to organize a system of teaching that is simple,understandable and interesting for the student.He presents ideas well without burdening the student with "theory".The current role model of his swing is Edgar Martinez who exemplifies an emphasis on what Jack calls "bottom hand torque" for all locations-in other words adjust for the away location by letting the ball get deeper as opposed to the adjustment Jack has described as top hand torque.

Mike has been successful teaching at all levels.Current players he has helped include Chavez in Oakland and Jeff Kent in S.F.


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