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Re: Re: Lau's instructional video/book

Posted by: Mr. Lau () on Thu May 17 21:00:19 2001

I was not aware that Lau Jr. had an instructional video; however, with all of the new websites and information on the baseball swing, it is my opinion that after 3-4 books (including the newest book) the Lau family has still not figured out how to teach batting mechanics that are useful to a ballplayers desiring advanced mechanics for the college and professional level. In fact, I think the only thing Lau Jr.'s book is good for is keeping players from attaining these levels.
> It appears that Lau Jr. has repeatedly asked people to buy his newest book - take him up on it, see what you think, learn as much as you can from all sources, and give us some feedback. As well, I'm sure that other people/players have different opinions.
> BTW, why don't you stick to one name (chris, alfred, tineo, crazy, etc).
> Respectfully,
> Jason

Jason, It's time for you to get your medication re-filled and make sure you have a lobotomy.


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