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Re: Re: Another Question for Jack

Posted by: mb (mblauer@mediaone.net) on Fri May 18 16:57:34 2001

> One of the defining differences between great hitters and all the rest is the degree the muscles of the arms are involved in generating bat speed. Lesser hitters tend to use the arms to muscle the bat around while the better hitter uses the arms more as a leakage from the rotating shoulders to their hands. --- I have often stated that a “key” to becoming a great hitter is - Do not use the muscles of the arms to accelerate the hands. The arms should stay back and more relaxed and allow the rotation of the body to accelerate the hand-path.
Wouldn't the steering knob bat drill teach this? I notice in T William's swing there is that tremendous bat lag as he turns through.
The bat appears almost glued to his upper bicep as it levels out and he rotates. Would we be better off starting the swing in this postiton with the bat across the upper bicep? Why do so many hitters start with the bat vertical and the hands up? Is it wasted motion or does it serve a purpose?


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