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Re: Re: Re:Authenticity of Mr. Lau-To You

Posted by: Lau () on Fri May 18 18:23:24 2001

> Hi- I'm Lau Jr. Many consider me an expert and I enjoy debates or conversations about hitting and would gladly debate the subject with anyone mature enough to do so. We are all imperfect and so are the greatest sluggers swings. What I am trying to do is simplify this difficult task. What I teach and believe in strongly adheres to the laws of physics and that is not a theory. I think many people have difficulty communicating the correct aspects that need to occur in the most correct swing. I think the problem is the lack of interpretation and open mindedness of many. If we had a swing like these guys we would laugh on the way to the bank. Remember that you can't violate the natural sequence that occurs in the richest of swings! Also remember that in 600 at bats that maybee a great slugger takes about7 perfect swings.
> > If you would like to challenge me on any hitting topic my number is 305-312-2111. Make sure you leave yours in case I miss your call.
> > Sweet Swings!
> > Charley Lau Jr.
> Been drinkin' again, Dude Jr.??

You bet! To read your rhetoric we all need something stronger than a drink. When are you going to be a man and afford my hourly fee of $200.00 per hour? Quit hiding behind your keyboard and finally become a man. I dont want to be rude but i'm use to performing miracles even with severely confused people like you. You talk a lot but back nothing up with fact. Like I said, come see me and bring it on. Until then, I rest my case and will sip my chardonnay and smoke some good Cuban cigars until you can become more of a man.
Sweet Swings


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