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Re: firm grip

Posted by: mb (mblauer@medione.net) on Sat May 19 09:33:23 2001

Hear is a part taken from Ted Williams's Science Of Hitting
> , To hit the ball to the best advantage, I recommend an extremely firm grip, the pressure applied by the fingers and not against the palms. The bottom band holds the bat as you would a hammer or a golf club, the index finger slightly open.
> He says extremely firm grip, Jack says loose grip to let your fingers slip around the bat handle. WHO should I listen to, Jack, a man who is devoted to helping others with the swing, who's done all this research just for us, or Ted Williams, the greatest hitter in the Hall of Fame? Has Jack done any tests with his loose grip?
> Also, Ted mentions the index finger slightly open. Any comments on that?
Firm grip at contact. I believe the key word is "fingers". Pro Golfers all hold the club lightly in their fingers. Sam Snead, "hold the club like you were holding a bird". If there was an advantage to using basball bat size grips and holding the golf club in the palm don't you think they would all be playing that way? There is no way you can exert 100% of your energy into the bat holding it with a gorilla grip. To create early bat speed (Jack's top hand torque) the top hand must be help loosely in the fingers so the the bat can slip into position at contact.


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