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Re: Video clip - Torque

Posted by: tom.guerry (tom.guerry@kp.org) on Thu Jan 1 11:08:02 2009

Happy new year Jack and thanks again for the years of service here. Your site is a unique resource.

Nyman's only contribution to the discussion at Basebal-fever so far is to offer his latest Ebook as a free trial that expires tomorrow.

You will be interetsed to know that there is quite a bit of emphasis now on hinge torque, even as applied via the top hand and back arm.

he emphasizes use of the top hand in firng the bathead and shosw simulation results of what he calls late vs early vs on time application of torque.

On time is slightly before upper torso/shoulder turn is at max momentum/degrees per sec.

Late toque has low batspeed max and a long swing.

On time has higher batspeed and a quicker swing.

Early has slightly lower batspeed max and an even quicker swing than "on time".

He goes on to say that a small amount of torque hasa large effect on batspeed and quickness.

he evn gets inot grip and avoding "wrist bind".

But no credit to you.

Your CHP/torque model has really stod up well.

Thanks again.


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