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Re: Re: Training aid/drill for not pulling off the ball?

Posted by: Torque (roscoethewestie@comcast.net) on Sun Jan 4 18:53:26 2009

> Swing shoulder to shoulder! That meaning, start your swing with your chin touching your front shoulder and finish your swing with your chin touching your back shoulder. Also, immediately after contact, with your chin on the back shoulder, your head and eyes should be looking at home plate or somewhere around where contact was made. When you are taking your first step out of the box is when you should be looking to see where the ball went!
> > Hi. I've worked with Jack's method and started turning my hips more - I was "all arms" before - but I've developed another problem, I think. With the increased turn, I find I make less contact, and I think it's because my head is turning more now that my hips and torso are turning more. So, when I make contact, I'm looking at the pitcher, instead of at the ball (though I've heard it's impossible to actually follow the ball all the way to the bat - whatever). I tried to correct it myself some in the cages, and my early results were promising. It's going to be hard to take that into the field, though. What can I do to try to "keep my head in", but still make a nice hip turn?

Practice and develop your swing changes off the tee and also against a punching bag. Also try finishing your swing a little higher (closer to shoulder height). I pull off more when my hands finish too low.

Also, make an effort to hit the center of the baseball to the inside of the baseball.


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