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Re: Re: Stepping into the plate

Posted by: () on Thu May 24 07:31:18 2001

>>> My coach has also been teaching me to step into the plate. It's not a huge step, but rather just a six inch step to the plate. Is this good advice or bad advice?
> Also, one of my other coaches is telling me to have my swing end up below my chest. The normal swing would be for the hands and arms to be extended at or above your head. Should listen to my coach or swing the normal way?
> I am playing at a high school level and want to know if I am getting good advice or bad. <<<
> I would not give you the advice your coach gave. But I am sure he is trying to help you with the best advice from what he has been taught. Most coaches have their player’s best interest at heart. I think it would be better if he would him come to the site and discuss his ideas with other coaches. If he is open minded, many of your problems might be solved without you having to confront your coach.
> Jack Mankin

Thanks for responding to my message.

Would you suggest I rather take a small step towards the pitcher, rather than towards the plate? Or would you suggest no stride at all? I think when I step into the plate it is a good way to get jammed on an inside pitch.


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