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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: "Spinning"

Posted by: tom.guerry (tom.guerry@kp.org) on Mon Apr 17 07:33:32 2006


Please forgive the mutiple empty posts, I keep hitting the <enter>/<return> key after putting in my name instead of the <tab> key and the post gets sent before I start any text.

Only took me 7 years to figure this out.Hmmmmm.

While I understand and appreciae the beuty of your have no preconceived notion approach which has lead to a true breakthrough model (tht/bht/torque and CHP/primacy of transfer mechanicsa nd upper body action,ec) I think we are at the border where it is useful to make hypotheses based on motionanalysis or emg or other input.then use this as a conscious subjective wayof looking at surface 2D video.

For exampe, I think the central vs forward axis (revolving door/spin vs closing gate offcenter has more to do with th front lower boyd/HIP appearance.

Theoretically/ideally, the hips decelerates and the shoulders turn to contact.

IF the hips decelerate, the front hip will "turn back" as if IT is turning on a central axis ONLY if the shoulder turn is resutling in this happening more passively.Front hip only spins" back when you have to really turn on ball as with inside/high/bht/hook/pull lead
shoulder front arm back to the max type swings.

Shoulders and connected lead arm should likewise decelerate juts at contact, but long enough for the wrists to unhinge nearly fully (without rolling) by contact.

I think it is better to look for these things as signs of good transfer mechanics that produce a well sequenced quick swing than trying to say something about axis without the help of motionanalysis.

Certainly a spinning of the body with poor tranfer mechanics looks quite different from the desired appearance that yields optimal sequential speed gains.


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