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Re: bht video clip

Posted by: Major Dan (markj89@charter.net) on Fri May 25 12:06:40 2001

I saw a clip of yankee center fielder hitting a homerun against pedro martinez may 24 on ESPN.It was an inside fb on Bernie and he was about to be jammed but I could see a distinct movement by him to draw his hands in tight to his body with a tight shoulder turn ,not a fluid swing with extension.It was the difference however in a broken bat and a H.R.Last year we talked about a similar swing at setpro on Mike Piazza H.R. in W.S. did anyone notice it.

I was at work so I didn't see it. And being from Boston, I didn't want to watch the highlights later....
Besides pulling his hands in (sacrificing extension but getting an increase in the tightening of the circular hand path at contact, did he keep his rotation around his spine or did he offset rotation to the back hip to clear out more room (clear out his front hip)? What other adjustments did he make?


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