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Re: RE; Belle clip from Apr 30 post

Posted by: The Hitting Guru (hitman3527@aol.com) on Mon May 1 11:57:42 2006

> >>> Chuck. Thanks for the Albert Belle video. I was able to download 2 of the 4 clips. All, Albert Belle uses more upper body strength to hit than most hitters. He also had great batspeed, but did not appear to use much top hand torque in his swing. This is not to say that torque is not desired, but only to illustrate that there is no black and white when it comes to hitting. Since Belle was already confident with regard to the strength factor, he probably felt all he needed to do was take his hands to the ball. His hitting action is to take his hands straight back and come forward in one striking motion like a tree cutter would use an axe. Because of his upper body strength and his swing plane at contact his technique worked for him to the tune of MVP numbers. Had he had a better attitude he would be a first ballot Hall of Famer. I would challenge anyone to refute the effectiveness of Belle's technique with regard to his production. <<<
> Hi Guru
> I lost the clip of Belle while trying to view it. Would you re-post it and explain what indicates to you that he applies little top-hand-torque?
> It also appears from your description of his swing that he takes his hands straighter to the ball (little CHP). If his bat is not attaining bat speed from a CHP (no pendulum or flail effect) and he is not applying torque (push/pull action of the hands), what forces are his hands applying that that induces the batís angular acceleration? -- Just saying he has great strength tells us little or nothing. What forces (other than CHP and torque) is his great strength applying to the bat?
> Jack Mankin

Jack. Unfortunately, Chuck, the person who emailed me the Belle clip could not download it to this site. I tried, but was unable to do so as well. But I will email it to your email, and maybe you can take the discussion from there. My primary point is that Belle takes his hands straight back and up before making a striking push forward as an axe cutter would. He does not use cock his wrist while attaining the launch position in order to get his bat moving as some of the other great hitters (so called hitters) do. One player who comes to mind who uses Belle's hitting method to a degree is Kenny Lofton (I believe). After you receive the video perhaps you can post it and make further conclusions.


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