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Re: Hands/Stance

Posted by: THG () on Tue Jan 13 16:56:32 2009

> I always question myself that my stance is not good enough or my hands arent in the right position. How can i find my natural stance?

There really is no natural stance or any right position for your hands. There is only what stance is more workable or what position the hands should be to allow you to become quicker.

Stances and hand positions are simply styles. But if you wish to find a natural stance or a natural hand position do this:

Go to a baseball field, grab a ball, throw it up and hit it to squarely to centerfield. If possible either have someone watch you from the side and or do a video tape of you doing it. You will find that in order to hit the ball solidly and deep to center, you will have to have efficient mechanics. That is a start.

I would also suggest going online MLB.com and watching what some of the pros do. You will get an idea of what might work for you.


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