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Re: Re: Re: Re:

Posted by: Buffalo () on Thu May 4 08:27:01 2006

In order to swing the bat no matter what you need to begin with a downward swing.
when contact is made, the bat does not necessarly need to be on its way down
though...if that is not true, then how do you justify hitting a low pitch when your
hands start above the letters and the ball is slightly above the knees. the only way to
get to it is to swing down. u are both right in a way.

> I think Coach C hit the nail on the head when he said that too many coaches are
trying to "cookie cut" their players. These coaches that think that their way is the only
way, and try to make every player look alike, are missing the big picture. Every
person has a different body style, and a GOOD hitting instructor will recognize the
fact that they must adapt their "methods" according to the individual. Let's say for
example we take a 4'11" 12 year old who ways 74 pounds, and teach him to have an
uppercut swing comparable to McGwire or Sosa. The chances of this player being
successful are slim to none, as his chances of hitting consistently for power are not
> > > >
> > > > This problem is found not only in hitting, but pitching as well. Too many
instructors say that they teach "rotational", or "stand tall and fall," or "drop and drive."
My question is why would someone teach a small kid (like I described) to "stand tall
and fall?"
> > > >
> > > > Any GOOD instructor must adapt to the individual.
> > >
> > >
> > > What would you teach young kids? The wrong mechanics until they are older?
A kid can have Mac's or Sosa's "uppercut" swing and still be sucessful. Remember
that they are playing kids their own age who have similar body types and abilities. I
agree that there should be no cookie cutting, but their is room for one's own style
while using good mechanics.
> > >
> > > By the way, Mac's and Sosa's swings are far from the old definition of
"uppercut". They match the pitch plane with their body and rotate to the ball. The
pitch comes at a downward angle so the swing must be at an upward angle (the same
angle) to have the best chance of contact. Mac and Sosa might have more upswing
that some, but upswing is necessary. And it all depends on where in the swing you
hit the ball. In a good rotational swing (which Mac and Sosa have) there is a
downswing (to get on the pitch plane), and an upswing along that plane. So if you
wait and hit the ball right before the upswing, you should hit line-drives.
> >
> > So basically what you are telling me is that McGwire does not have an uppercut
swing. I disagree. Even the most untrained eye can see that he swings on an upward
arc. This downward angle of the pitch that you are refering to is irrelevant. Bat path is
determined by the location of the pitch. Every animation of a player swinging up that I
have seen is due to the fact that the pitch is belt level or below. You cannot hit a pitch
at the top of the strike zone by swinging upward, and hit consistent line drives. Like I
said, unless you are McGwire or Bonds, that high strike that you hit with an uppercut
swing is going to be an easy fly ball to the outfield. The size of the other kids around
them is irrelevant as well. A fly ball to the outfield is a fly ball to the outfield. Please
tell me how you expect to get on top of a high pitch with an uppercut swing.
> Since you are going by the traditional definition of uppercut, yes Mac does have an
uppercut. But his swing is only directed upwards because he matches the pitch
plane. A "true" uppercut would be a swing that is directed up at a angle greater than
the pitch plane.
> In the swing, the bat should come around perpendicular to your spine. To adjust
for pitch height you bend at your waist. For a high pitch you don't bend very much.
For a low pitch you bend a lot. And be careful saying "get on top of the ball". The
last thing you want is to pound the ball in to the ground for outs all the time. You
don't want to pop it up every time either, but you have to be careful using cues like


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