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Re: Re: Re: I am in a slump!

Posted by: The Hitting Guru (hitman3527@aol.com) on Thu May 4 12:01:50 2006

> Im in a hitting slump to, last year i used to be unbelivble went 0 for 10 my first 10 at bats andthen i hit 14 solid hits in arow.After the first 3 hits I knew everytime i was going to get a hige, and finished the season batting solid 600. Im also just notfeeling the confidenceNow im in highshcool and adjusting to wood bats, and everythings not clicking right now, im eaither to pumped wen i go to the plate, to nervous, or just too relaxed because i know imnot gonna get a hit. I NEED TO FIND THIS CONFIDENCE BACK. PLEASE HELP

Spencer. Something to remember is that all hitters go through ups and downs. Last year you were 0 for 10 and finished at .600. So you know for yourself that you can bounce back from a poor start. What you should do is take yourself back to last year and try to remember how you got yourself out of that rut, and apply the same or similar principles.

Making the adjustment to wood is not always an easy task. A lot of top highschool and college draft picks have trouble making the major league club and or doing well because they cannot make the transition. Robin Ventura who was the college play of the decade in the 1980's had similar difficulties with the wood bat before he became and eventual allstar. You may have to experiment with different model wood bats before you find the right one. If you happen to have some money to spend, go to oldhickory bat company.com. The can make your bat to any specifications. Good luck and keep your faith. Remember confidence comes from believing it is your right to succeed.


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