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Re: Born hitter vs Learned hitter?

Posted by: coach13 (halour@netscape.net) on Wed May 10 09:35:11 2006

> Born hitter vs Learned hitter?
> I’ve played and coached my whole life…I firmly believe that some people can hit, and other can’t.
> Can you take a player that can’t hit and make him adequate…sure. Can you take a born hitter and make him force, defiantly! Can you take a non-hitter and make him great, I don’t believe so. There’s no video or book that has the secrets to developing a truly great hitter.

Hi dubb

A few years ago Derek Jetter was interviewed, and asked the question What is the differance between you and other kids you grew up with?
His reply was "Coaching" I have coached at many levels of baseball and fastpitch softball. Eye hand coordination and fast twitch mucles are key. Kids who dont posess these attributes are usually weeded out at an early age.


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