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Hitting Help

Posted by: The Hitting Guru (hitman3527@aol.com) on Thu May 11 17:45:59 2006

Steve. I believe you wanted Jack to receive this message. But I will give a comment as well regarding the below.

I am 29, 6-2 180 and within weeks of buying your video
I can now for the first time put a softball over the
300ft fence in my softball league. I can consistently
place 3 out of 10 pitches over the fence just with in
these first few weeks of drilling your technique.

My problem is that home runs is all i can hit. Now
that I am a rotational hitter with front elbow up at
contact all hits are going for the fence. We have a
limited home run rule and I dont know how to change my
swing for line drives. Do I just lower the lead elbow
to create a swing that is more level?

This is a tough call because I do not really believe in tampering with success rotational, linear, or other systems. But under the circumstances, I would suggest that you take less than a full swing and or punch the ball over the infielders heads. In this way, you are not really tampering with your swing. Or you could stand up in the box and tomohawk the pitches over the infielder's heads. Since you have probably established your power to the defense there should be enough room to dump some hits.

If you insist on going for line drives or hard ground hits, then I would say concentrate on hitting the top half of the ball. Good luck.


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